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While attending Texas A&M University, I spent a summer studying Spanish in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and traveling through Spain, Portugal and France. After 

graduating with a BA degree in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish, I moved to San Antonio, Texas, where I built a life with my family. Travel became an undeniable passion with two daughters in tow experiencing Turkey, Russia, France, Italy, Mexico and South America, the Galapagos and much more! After raising my girls and planning uncountable trips for family and friends, it was time to dive into working in a dynamic business that felt so familiar.

Experiential travel is a time for us all to not only explore and discover but also to learn, share, connect and immerse. Years spent exploring the world has shown me the transformative power of travel and how it unites. I want to help clients create all that they have ever imagined and more! 

"I am committed to providing a designer travel experience, in which every detail of your adventure is crafted custom to fit your vision."



These days I'm really into...


    I use them when I go anywhere- great for a short or long trip, but especially efficient for moving from place to place.


    I use this for a carry on-it sits perfectly on top of my rolling Away suitecase


    These On Cloud running shoes are so lightweight and packable!


    I know compression socks are glamorous, but they come in so helpful on those long international flights. 


    This may look like a normal suitcase, but it comes with a built-in battery to charge your phone on the go!


STACEY TRIESCH | Luxury Travel Advisor


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